Interesting effect of three-dimensional decoration of porcelain can be achieved by engraving (sandblasting). The layer of glaze is mechanically torn off till the shard of the mug. The depth of the gouge can be 1 mm. While engraving coloured ceramics we achieve interesting effect of contrasting of the colours (colour of the mug against the white colour of gouge). Moreover, there is a possibility of filling the gouge with colour. This kind of decoration can be combined with other techniques (ceramic decal, organic decal). 
There is possibility of shallow sandblasting which gives the effect of satin, matt surface.


Technological process:

  • − preparation of project
  • − cutting the project in special foil
  • − applying masking foil on the product
  • − sandblasting
  • − removing of masking foil



  • − the smallest element of decoration can be 1mm x 1mm minimum
  • − in case of filling the gouge with a few different colours, the space between the elements must be 2 mm minimum
  • − this technique is laborious and not every decoration can be made with this technique. Consultation of production possibilities is necessary before placing an order.



  • − decoration is lasting
  • − possibility of combining sandblasting with other techniques (ceramic decal, organic decal)
  • − fantastic tree-dimension effect
  • − possibility of filling the gouge with colour