Pantone Matched Painting

Pantone Matched Painting is a method of coloring porcelian mugs according to Pantone. Coloring is done by a semi-automatic machines. According to the algorithm chosen to the shape of the mug, device applied paint layer of organic Hydroglasur.


Available colors: colors according to panotne or RAL, shiny or matt finish.

Minimal order: 50 pieces

For special orders we offer: pearl, metalic and neon colors.


Technological process:

  • project

  • washing and degreasing ceramics

  • applying a coat of organic paint (Hydroglasur) with semi-automatic machines

  • drying and firng at 150 – 180 C



  • Application only on selected mugs

  • Limited resistance to mechanical damage

  • Decoration only by organic decal

  • lack of decorating gold and platinum


  • wide range of colors of decorations

  • colors according to Pantone or RAL

  • possibility of mixing with many decoration technologies : MultiColor-engraving, MultiColor-fluorescent decal , MultiColor-sandblasting

  • lack of decorating gold and platinum

  • Good adhesion to glass and ceramics

  • Excellent resistance to dishwasher (household) - a minimum of 500 cycles in the dishwasher resistance to heat up to 120 C

  • good resistance to alkali and acid

  • can be sterilized (134 C, 2 bar, 20 min)


Pantone Matched Painting