Pantone Matched Painting

Painting is done using a semi-automatic painting machine. According to a special algorithm selected for a given cup shape, the device applies a layer of Hydroglasur organic paint, which is then subjected to thermal treatment in order to harden and give it functional properties. Using this method of decorating, we have no color restrictions. We choose colors according to the Pantone or RAL color chart. Glossy and matte finish is possible. Neon, pearl and metallic shades are available on special request.



  • - selection of colors according to the Pantone pattern book
  • - matte or glossy finish
  • - decoration with organic decal or engraving
  • - possibility of applying multi-colored decorations, also photographic - a very wide palette of decoration colors
  • - possibility of personalization and decoration on the handle
  • - good adhesion to ceramics
  • - hard, slightly elastic surface
  • - resistance to temperature up to 120°C (for a long time)
  • - good resistance to alkaline and acidic substances
  • - good solvent resistance
  • - excellent dishwasher resistance (in the household)
  • - minimum 200 cycles in the dishwasher
  • - possibility of sterilization (134°C, 2 bar, 20 min.), 5 times (no change)
  • - very good resistance to light
  • - no cadmium, lead and formaldehyde content



  • - selected models
  • - no possibility to paint the inside of the cup
  • - lower mechanical resistance to scratches and abrasion
  • - decoration only with the use of organic decals
  • - no possibility of decorating with real gold and platinum (also the edge of the cup)


Technological process:

  • - project
  • - washing and degreasing the ceramic surface
  • - applying a coating of Hydroglasur organic paint by spraying with a semi-automatic painting machine.
  • - drying and heating the paint at a temperature of 150 - 180°C

Pantone painting