Magic Print

Special thermoplastic layer of decoration, of any shape you design, in black color.
Once the boiling water is poured into a mug, the Magic Print layer disappears exposing the main decoration, covered in whole or in part by the Magic Print. The main decoration can be multi-colored, made by ceramic or organic decal.

Technological process:
- preparing the artwork for printing (ceramic or organic decal),

- printing the artwork
- transfer decoration to the mug,
- firing decoration in 160 deg C

- element of suprise,
- minimum order quantity 50 pcs,
- on any mug model and color,
- any shape of the Magic Print layer,
- no color limitations for decoration,
- ability to combine different decorating techniques (ceramic decal, organic decal,
Technicolor, Multicolor)

- recommended handwashing - no resistance to mechanical washing of the thermoplastic layer,
- Magic Print layer only in black color


Magic print