Edge painting

Technique of decorating parts of ceramic products (handle, edge of the mug) as additional decoration of item – mug, cup. This decoration is made by hand painting on part of the product in organic or ceramic paint, depending on the chosen technique. Firing of technicolor decoration is simultaneous with firing decal decoration. This decoration is treated as an additional/complementary to engraving (sandblasting), ceramic or organic decoration.


Technological process:

  • - project
  • - preparing and applying decoration on product (e.g. ceramic, organic decal)
  • - washing and degreasing surface for technicolor
  • - applying layer of paint by hand painting
  • - drying paint and firing mug with decoration



  • - decoration only on some parts of the product: edge of the mug, handle
  • - decoration is not reproducible – depends on skills of manufacturer



  • - additional decoration which cannot by made by decal 
  • - use of the heat treatment with another decoration: firing with ceramic or organic decal

Edge painting