Ceramic decal

Ceramic decal is the main technique for decorating porcelain, stoneware, majolica and glass of various composition. This technique consists in printing by using ceramic paints on special paper coated with a water-based adhesive. Paints that we use for print are the mixture of glazes and pigments, a unique composition to achieve the specific colours, melting point and thermal expansion close to the same parameters of the surface. While firing the decoration on the ceramic or glass, glaze melts and builds upon the sufrace of the product. This creates permament bond between the decoration and the surface. 

We posses basic ceramic paints for glaze, onglaze, paints for tableware-glass and container glass which define the type of decal: ceramic, glass, enamel etc. Decal (water sticker) is stuck to the surface and after drying is fired in high temperature – decoration is lasting and ineffaceable.


Technological process:

  • - project and print preparation
  • - printing on paper
  • - transfer of decoration on the product
  • - firing in 800 C (ceramics), 580 C (glass)


  • - minimal  thickness of the text: positive - 6 points, 8 points negative 
  • - minimal thickness of the line : positive – 0,2 mm ; negative – 0,4 mm
  • - limits in reproduction of some colours


  • - decoration is lasting -mechanically resistant and dishwasher safe
  • - large surface of decoration
  • - decoration of different surfaces (convex, concave)
  • - decoration on the whole surface of ceramic (inside the mug, under the handle, on the handle etc.) Skills are the only limit. 
  • - resistance to light
  • - full range of different decorations: shiny gold, platinum, brocaded decoration, relief, imitation of sandblasting and possibility of mixing all those types of decoration
  •  -preparing more patterns to be used later on
  • - accurate matching of subsequent colours
  • - multicolour decorations (no limit of the quantity of colours)
  • - photo decoration (100 and 120 lpi)

Kalkomania ceramiczna