Transfer print versus direct print

Transfer print versus direct print

Benefits and limitations of transfer print technology:

Decoration of promotional mugs consists of several stages. 

  • paper printing process.
  • transfer on product (mug, cup, glass, saucer etc.)
  • firing product in proper temperature


The benefits:

  • - extensive advertising surface (outside, inside, on the bottom, both inside and outside, on the handle). The only limit is the skill of the person who applies the  decoration on the product.
  • - Possibility to print (on one sheet of decalcomany) different patterns which we can be applied on different products e.g. applying different decoration on mug, cup and saucer.
  • - Onglaze decal allows multi-colour decoration with the variety of effects: metallic, gold, platinum, relief, matt. There is also possibility of combining different effects.
  • - Possibility of preparing surplus of the decal to be used later on to decorte next batches (decal can be store up to 2 years).


Limitations of transfer print:

  • - process of applying decal cannot be automated – decal is applyied manually
  • - there can be differences in the location of decorations. Decal is applied manually so small differences in the position of the decoration on the mug may occur. 


Benefits and limitations of direct print:

Decoration consists of several stages:

  • preparation of printing
  • print put directly on product
  • firing product


 The benefits:

  • - possibility to automate the printing process
  • - low price of the print in case of higher quantities of mugs


Limitations of direct print:

  • - print in solid colours only. No possibility of printing bitmap elements
  • - print on the product's external surface only
  • - printing up to 2-4 colours (depending on the machine used)

no possibility to exactly match colours