Promotional mugs

Promotional mugs

I'm calling regarding promotional mugs!

Those are the words that we hear dozens of times during the day. And it's like this for the last 18 years. Promotional ceramics is our passion. Among all gadgets, mugs are one of the most popular. There is a good reason for this. A mug, cup or glass is something more than just a product of daily use. It's strongly connected with emotions. Everyone has their favourite mug in which they drink coffee or tea. Just think how many times, after coming back home from a long trip, the best moment is to sink in our most comfortable armchair with the favourite mug filled with hot tea?

Customers, when visiting our office are always surprised by the amount of mugs that we have in our showroom. We know that we could treat mugs like items of single use. Surprisingly, each of us has his favourite mug that he is using for years and years.

Here we should start discussing fashions and tastes when choosing ceramic products. Porcelain or perhaps coloured mugs? Or maybe glass mugs? Large or small ones? Or maybe instead of a mug, a small tasteful cup with saucer? We've got a huge range of products. Mainly, it is ceramics made in China but you can find in our offer also ceramic mugs and cups made in Poland. Please search our offer for white and coloured mugs and also items made of new bone china.
Next step is the decoration. We specialize in producting ceramic decals and firing decorations in 800 C. This kind of decoration is resistant to washing. Moreover, there are great possibilities in applying decoration. Decalcomany allows decorating inside mug, on the bottom, both inside and outside, on the handle.

If you have no own idea how to make your mug special, our graphic design studio will help you with the project. Nowadays putting only logo on the mug is sometimes not enough.
The most important is a design that will attract attention and will be remembered for longer.

Why we need decorations on mugs?

Mug with a decoration is a great example of mobile advertising. Most of the gadgets are thrown out in to the bin. It is never the case with mugs and cups. We can use them at work, at home and we will always have address details within handle's reach.

Please, check our offer for promotional ceramics. We provide professional service and a very good product – promotional mug.