New reduced prices

nowe niższe ceny

From July 1, we are reducing prices of all products, the largest reductions applys to the most popular products.

Camp mugss are now 0,40 euro off. We have reduced the prices of Camp Tea sets and a Camp Plus cup by 0,30. These porcelain mugs, styled as enamel, are very often chosen by customers.

Models Amy and Mia are now cheaper by a 0,25 euro - these are mugs made of new bone china, really great quality. These handleless models are stackable, so they will work in small kitchens, and in addition, Amy comes complete with a silicone band and a plastic lid, so you can take your favorite coffee for a car ride.

Rob is another hit which price has been reduced. These square porcelain cups are available in 24 basic colors and we can paint them in any Pantone color with MOQ 50 pieces.

If you are looking for a budget solution, we have Bos white, black, blue and green cups also wirh 0,25 euro discount.

All prices and stocks can be checked online in the calculator. If you don't have an account yet, we encourage you to create one in a few simple steps.